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the boy who floated freely

by Ramona Córdova

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introduction 01:44
i was just a boy. fell into an ocean, washed up on a shore, and now I'm here to see what i will see.
bienvenido! nos gusta bailar, cantamos, y tomamos de la copa, pasando via y carretera! hasta'l alba igual que lo haces tú!
sometimes when you talk about your life as you live it out, your eyes want to scream and shower at lies that were given out. -you should know. -should i know? so then you try to turn around and figure life is all about the happiness you find in a simple lullaby. and you will try to take it out by stomping 'round the fertile ground and killing little seeds of a grass that's yet to be. and you will find me in the make of a melody, you in the heart of the harmony, timing the time that we start to sing, long with the time of you heart beat. and we will be rid of the weight that's been placed upon or little backs, a weight that surely had to crack. and i will shout out to the sky and i'll sing aloud my little songs that help me move the day along.
take this taste. i made it from a notion pulled it from a potion. push it back my dear, and you will find sleep.
i was born with eyes; i've seen what you're all about. i was raised with ears; i've heard what you have to say, but what i want to know right now is what i couldn't ask with my mouth. i was born with feet; i've walked all around this land. i was born with hands; i've pushed through some padlocked doors, but what i want to know right now is why i feel so heavy on my back. i played to leave this and now it's making it worse, and now i know that i don't. i was born with a face that shows what I'm thinking all the time, despite what my mouth says. and my body tried to act. well, I'm no good at that. i can't pretend. i am who i am. so my nose keeps me on my path, and my chin tries to stay above my collar, no matter how heavy my head.
brother 03:00
don't move away until i can find a place, in you, to stay, that i will never loose. because underneath the lies i breathe, i know i mean the most lovely things. brother, i'll forget the blows we used to make, so filled with hate when we were younger. and brother i regret the words we never said, the times we never shared together. don't forget to tell our mother, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle that you decided to fight like our father. don't forget to tell our mother, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle that you decided to leave like our father.
when i wake up i soak up the sun, and i listen to the trees as they rustle their wisdom back at me, and the sun lights through their leaves to shine on me. but there are times when the sun won't shine, and the flies won't fly 'cause their wings are cold. and the leaves i knew are just to frozen to shake their tune. and the light sets on the sea instead of me.
when my bones grow bigger, and my hips grow wider, then i'll be a man. and until it happens, i will sit and wonder what will i become. i will be so much older. i will be so much wiser. i will be so much bolder. i will be so much smarter. and we'll walk together, and we'll share our stories of the places we've come to know. yes, when my face grows tougher, and my heart grows nearer, i will build you a fortress in the trees.
don't use a light. i can find you fine. my hands paint your picture in my mind. i want to know your body like my own, and i want to hold you.
chesser 04:29
and we'll walk and talk of everything, the truth of things i'd never sing, and you will tell me I'm alone, but the pictures on your face will tell that I'm not wrong. I'm not wrong. but we'll walk and talk of everything, the truth of things i'd never sing, and you will tell me that I'm wrong, and the pictures on your face will tell - I'm not alone. I'm not alone. and we'll walk and talk of everything, the truth of things i'd never sing... (woah oh oh oh-oh) so how are you feeling? how are you feeling?? (woah oh oh oh-oh) "fine. well... I'm feeling fine." "why don't you ask how i am?" "i am just really shy..." "well then, i'll tell you what's on my mind..." and we'd walk and talk of everything, the truth of things i'd never sing... (woah oh oh oh-oh) so how are you feeling? HOW ARE YOU FEEEELING?? (woah oh oh oooooooooooo-aaaaaaaaaaaaah!) so tell me what i should do, 'cause I'm not getting anything, and i know what it's like too. it's not only you.
take flight 01:08
now i write on paper airplanes, then i fly them around the room. you light paper airplanes on fire. my favorite paper airplanes are the one's i write to you, and your favorite paper airplanes are the ones that light your fire.


The Boy Who Floated Freely tells a story about a boy named Giver who washes ashore on an island. When Giver regains consciousness, he starts to hear music coming from a nearby village. He immediately runs after the sound with the little energy left in his body, hoping to find people. As the music grows louder and closer he realizes that it is coming from inside a small bar within the village. Upon entering the bar, Giver is welcomed with a song played for him by a band of Gypsies. They ask about Giver, and what he's doing there on the island. After Giver sings them a song telling them about himself the Gypsies welcome Giver, and offer him a place to stay for the night so that he may regain strength. Giver is led to his room by a very pretty young girl named Marcía who has been ordered to offer Giver a small dose of potion to help him better sleep. He accepts, only, the young girl adds a potion that makes Giver fall in love with her as well.

When Giver falls asleep, he dreams of his brother and of other things that are heavy on his mind. When he awakes though- he feels light at heart, and he and Marcía sing a song together. Giver begins to realize he's in love, but does not feel he is old enough or wise enough to be suitable for Marcía. Although the love is there, by the time Giver truly allows himself to be fully taken over by his feelings, Marcía's love has grown dull. Giver is then left alone again, light and free as a paper airplane flying high above the sea.

(p) ECA Records 2005 & (c) Clapping Music 2006 / Sleeping Star Records 2006


released March 28, 2006

A Fairytale written and performed by Ramona Córdova. Recorder on track 07 and accordion on track 08 performed by Jerry Macdonald.

Recorded March 2005 in Weymouth, Massachusetts by Jerry Macdonald.

Mastered by Brian Doser at myotherhatstudio

Cover & Sleeve design by John Heron


all rights reserved



Ramona Córdova Marseille, France

Speaking to the challenges of living under systems of oppression, Ramona works to inspire introspection and personal growth toward the maturing of our societies.

Ramona is Haitian-Filipina, Puerto Rican, born in Kingman, Arizona, USA and is inter-feminine trans non-binary.
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